How Private Jet Charter Has Changed

It has been years since this picture was taken and many things have changed in private jet charter. Firstly, jets have evolved significantly in technology and how they are outfitted. Updated landing equipment and software allows the highest degree of safety when dealing with difficult landings or takeoffs in remote locations where terrain is a factor. Jets have become far more efficient in mileage and thus have become more cost effective. Companies offering jet charter have made efficiencies in how they distribute, maintain, staff and support aircraft. Most importantly, there is a thriving market that offers competitive pricing on charters as well as differentiators such as levels of service, available aircraft, customer service and quality of overall jet maintenance.

Leasing a jet has become extremely straightforward.  Back in the 1990′s, one of my friends was very kind and had the ability to fly privately for recreation and we often went to places on the spur of the moment and with champagne in hand. These days, private jet charter serves a variety of needs for my friends as they have matured into jobs that require the immediacy, privacy and efficiency of private jet travel. They have developed relationships with jet charter companies that fill their needs. From keeping track of their personal preferences, to understanding the kind of flight equipment they will need in the future.